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Willkommen auf meiner Home-Page. Ich habe vor hier meine kleine Software Projekte und einige mögliche nützliche Informationen zu präsentieren. Jede Seite kann Text in einer Mischung von Sprachen enthalten, deswegen sind die einzelnen Passagen mit einer kleinen Flagge gekennzeichnet, neben deutsch gibt es auch Englisch und Portugiesisch. Getestet wurde diese Seite mit dem Mozilla Firefox.

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So... that's how this page work: Everywhere you find text with this flag, it's in english, and I thought it should be ok to have text in this language at that place. There is also some passages in german and in portuguese. This site was tested with Mozilla Firefox.

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Mudei minha filosofia em relação às linguas deste site. Cada trecho em português terá uma bandeirinha do Brasil antes. Outras bandeiras para outras linguas: alemão e inglês. Esta página foi testada com o Mozilla Firefox.

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I just released another version of my othello game hinversi 0.8.2. New in this release: I corrected the notation of the coordinates. There is also a new frontend, which can be used as a reversi CGI backend. The frontend can be used to make single othello moves with a given AI engine, using any board setup.
Revised all the site. Homepage komplett überarbeitet. Todas as página revisadas
Ich habe eine Sitemap jetzt eingetragen
There is now a debian package of sambascan2. Go and test it.
I've just released the version 0.4.1 of sambascan2, with support for a new parameter, and autoconfigured it too. Take a look at the new features.
I put my IPC TopNote H Linux page online again. It is a little out of date, but it could help some linux user anyway.
There are many layout changes in my site. So if you are looking for my programs and software, you will find them in the software page.
dump-backup 0.5.6 released. This version now uses the autotools, so it is easy to package it in a distribution. As I had some problems with Ubuntu 7.04 using zdiff, I wrote my own version of it for dump-backup.
sambascan2 0.4.0 released: scans password protected shares.
hinversi 0.8.1 released: little change to build also without check.
I'm building a list of spammer domains.
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