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Text begin.html: Asturio Kee's - Homepage
Homepage von Asturio Kee. Hier findest Du meine Programme, nette Links, Witze, Informationen und Musik. Software page of Asturio Kee.
Text impressum.html: Asturio Kee Homepage - Impressum
Homepage von Asturio Kee. Das hier ist die Seite mit dem Impressum der Software Seite von Asturio Kee.
Text index.html: Asturio Kee - Homepage - Hauptseite
Homepage von Asturio Kee. At this page you will find some of my programs, links, music, and other informations. Sambascan2 and Hinversi are also here.
Text ipc-topnote-h.html: Linux on IPC TopNote H 14 - Asturio Kee
How to configure Linux to work with the IPC TopNote H 14 Laptop, including Modem and X. Although the Laptop was crap: it works.
Text links.html: Links Comentados, commented Links, kommentierte Links- Asturio Kee
Favorit commented Links of Asturio Kee. Uns links comentados muito legais e interessantes. Meine online Sammlung von kommentierten Links.
Text music.html: Own Music - Minha Música - Asturio Kee
Some songs here performed by Asturio Kee. Algumas músicas cantadas por mim. Einige Songs von mir gesungen. Audacity is cool.
Text spammers.html: Spammers - A List of spam domains - Asturio Kee
List of some known spammer domains. These people are anoying me, so I publish their e-mails here too. Spam crawler should find them :-).

Text software/i.html: Software - Programme - Asturio Kee
Here you'll find GPL Software from Claudio Clemens: sambascan2, hinversi, slackselect, gensig, dump-backup. Feel free to download and test them.

Text software/dump-backup/i.html: dump-backup - a unix backup script - Asturio Kee
Dumpbackup is a very nice little program to backup your system. Features: mirror capabilities, restore, system index. Written by Claudio Clemens.

Text software/gensig/i.html: gensig - random E-Mail signature generator - Asturio Kee
Gensig creates random E-Mail signatures, like the good old taglines. Written by Claudio Clemens

Text software/hinversi/i.html: hinversi - a simple othello/reversi game engine - Asturio Kee
Hinversi is an implementation of the othello game, also known as reversi. Features 4 AI engines. Written by Claudio Clemens

Text software/sambascan2/i.html: sambascan2 - SMB scanner - Asturio Kee
Sambascan2 scans Windows/SMB/Samba shares on a network. It can find files by name, size, and other options. Written by Claudio Clemens.

Text software/slackselect/i.html: slackselect - Slackware Linux Updater - Asturio Kee
Slackselect is a tool to keep your slackware box up to date. It downloads the package lists, and compares them with the packages in your system.

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