dumpbackup is a small bash-script that uses tar and gzip to make incremental and diferential backups. The Backups are stored in a separated directory and can be copied to tape or CD. The script will be extended to mirror the backup in the network and make a central backup-server.


2007-08-25 Version 0.5.6 released. This version now uses the autotools, so it is easy to package it in a distribution. As I had some problems with Ubuntu 7.04 using zdiff, I wrote my own version of it for dump-backup.

2004-04-14 Version 0.5.5b released. To reduce the size of the backups, every time a backup is made for level m, all backups up to level n (with m < n) will be updated. This is controled with the new variable LASTLEVEL.

2004-03-15: Version 0.5.4 released. This version have a automagic configurator and can mirror the backup to another machine in the network.

Old Versions:

0.5.2: with exclude patterns.

0.5.1: first public release.

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