Sambascan2 is a small bash-script, which can scan for SMB-shares in a given Netz. It currently needs nmap, find, smbclient, sed and grep. If you know a less agressive way for scanning on port 139, please tell me, because I thing nmap is not so polite :).


2009-08-15 I'm moving the sambascan2 site to sourceforge. New versions will be placed only there.

2007-12-11 Now you can get a debian version of sambascan2 :-). Get sambascan2 deb.

2007-12-07 Version 0.4.1 released. This version add another paramether to scan hosts in a file. I also added if to autotools, so we should find the right programs in many platforms.

2007-05-17: Version 0.4.0 released. This version adds the ability to scan password protected shares, using known logins and passwords for the host being scanned.

Old Versions:

0.3.6: This version has some minor corrections and some nice little features as: search for files in the index, with file size check, a little help display and the possibility to rescan all found shares. Take a try.

0.3.4: This version doesn't need timeout anymore. I also added more control over error messages. It was tested also under SuSE 7.3 (very very old), so I think it should work with any Linux distribuition and others Unix Flavors as well.

0.3.2b: with a better output, and should work with other versions of sed. Now it works on Debian Potato, Sarge and Sid.

0.3.0: with a better output routine and doesn't depends on nbtscan anymore. Please try it.

0.2: first public release.


Sambascan2 Screenshot

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