Slackselect is a little tool, to manage your Slackware packages. It is a little bit like pkgtool, but it has all the functions I need :-) : as a Debian user, used to use dselect, I wanted to upgrade my Slackware installation (on my Backupcomputer) a little bit smooth. So with Slackselect I can just tell from which Mirror I want it to get the packages, and it will upgrade all packages I want, without having to install everything again. You can install from FTP/HTTP and CD-Sets. It can also find obsolete packages you may want to remove.


2005-10-11: Version 0.5 released: Fixed some bugs, including the broken version comparition. Enlarged the size of the FTP-Server input. Changed the "Removed source list" to a checklist, so you can now delete more than one list at once. More details in the ChangeLog.

2005-09-04: Version 0.4 released: Added Description Menu, fixed a little bug in the Remove-List, added info for upgrade, and progress bar in the package cache update.

Old Versions:

0.3: First public release.


Slackselect screenshot

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